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What is Small Business New Zealand?

More than just networking.

SBNZ is a national, grassroots movement comprised of expert businesses all throughout New Zealand. Together, we combine our business expertise and industry knowledge to help each other and grow; transforming the way we do business in New Zealand.


SBNZ members are chosen for their experience and proven track record. Once part of the community, members can contribute resources to our "Business Hub" and create offers and discounts for their services which other members can redeem. Alongside members-only offers, public offers can also be created for prospective customers. Not only is this a place for businesses to come together with one-another, but also a place to promote yourself, and for customers to find trusted, established businesses certified by SBNZ.

It is also a place for businesses to improve. Taking advantage of our Business Hub, you can find hiring templates, health and safety systems, accounting resources and more, all submitted by businesses who are established in their industry. Want to collaborate, learn or share your ideas? Build perspective and join discussions on our members forum, covering topics relating to both your industry and New Zealand business as a whole.

SBNZ is all about transforming the lives of business owners and their staff, and being a credible place for consumers to find trusted, quality businesses. If you take pride in your work and want to be part of the transformation, we'd love to have you on board!

“Received the best support and advice from a very keen listener who is very passionate in what he does and is very empathetic to the Small Business Owner.”

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