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Welcome to Small Business New Zealand. We're a NZ wide organisation formed with the aim of supporting the small and medium sized business community. 

​What is Small Business New Zealand?

SBNZ is all about supporting New Zealand SME community.

We do this by providing information, education, tools and resources as well as access to proven B2B "Expert Providers" and membership discounts for their services. This web based platform is supported regionally through networking, live and online events aimed at helping you improve your business, build your network and to encourage high quality B2B commercial relationships and cooperation.

It also provides a place where the general public can search regionally for business services they are in need of. All registered member business can be accessed this way.

SBNZ also helps support various charities either through individual Member contributions or donations from events.

All SBNZ members receive an account with access to...

The SBNZ Resource Hub - Your Place of Learning

Upon becoming a member, receive exclusive access to our Resource Hub. Choose from content submitted by industry leading members of SBNZ covering all aspects of business from Health and Safety, Recruitment, Accounting and so much more.

Improve your business with the knowledge and tools shared by other businesses, and invest into other business's success with the SBNZ Resource Hub.

Promote Services and Market Yourself - Marketplace

Create exclusive deals for your products and services which can be redeemed by fellow members, and redeem offers shared by other members. Along with members-only deals, submit offers to our public deals page, where potential clients and customers can redeem offers from quality, established businesses.

Within your account use our tools to create a deal, choose their expiry if desired, and whether they are for SBNZ members or the public. The choice is yours.

Events and Networking

Be a part of local SBNZ events. As a member receive discounts on workshops, seminars and events hosted by SBNZ and other members. This is a fantastic way to expand your network and business knowledge.


Full membership for one price.

SBNZ Membership

Plus GST per annum.

Become a member and receive full access to the SBNZ Business Hub, with ability to share resources, create deals, register for exclusive events and become listed as an SBNZ Service Provider.

Get in Touch

Ask questions or join the growing community of businesses owners throughout NZ, passionate about helping each other and revolutionising the way we do business! Please contact one of the team using the contact form.

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