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We make small business better for Kiwis

Because we get it. Running a business is hard.

There's a lot to do. A lot to know. And often, you're left trying to figure it all out in isolation.

Small Business New Zealand connects Kiwi business owners with tools, resources and others like them to make the hardest parts of running a business easier.

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Connect with other like-minded business owners, access hundreds of quality resources in all aspects of doing business in New Zealand, and get support from local, qualified professionals who want your business to succeed.

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Network with over 13,000 Kiwi entrepreneurs when you join the Small Business Connect NZ Facebook group

SBCNZ is a valuable free resource offering opportunities to collaborate and connect with members of this active community throughout New Zealand.

Small Business Connect NZ, in association with Small Business New Zealand.

Better together.

Let's work together.

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