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We want to help you through the hard grind of running a small business and see your business succeed - become part of a community that has each other's backs.


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Recurring fees that increase every year are no fun at all. We're pleased to offer our foundation members a lifetime subscription offer when they sign up before June 20th. Pay just $199 plus GST every year, regardless of the current price and have access forever!

All members who join SBNZ before the 1st of June 2023 will be eligible to receive a complimentary 60 Point Business Diagnostic and report (valued at $1200), courtesy of BSP Advisory Group.

As an SBNZ member, receive access to the following:

Discounted Services from Experts

All SBNZ members have exclusive access to a directory of B2B "Expert Providers", and can take advantage of a 5-10% discount on all services offered by Expert Providers. You can learn more about SBNZ Expert Providers here.

Events, Workshops and Seminars

Attend events and workshops specific to your region at reduced rates, hosted by SBNZ Expert Providers on a wide range of topics. Meet other businesses and expand your knowledge with nationwide events.

Quality Business Resources - For Free!

Learn and access resources from members across several industries, and download content you can use to improve your business's systems, digital presence, leadership, health & safety and more.

Members Directory

Upon becoming a member, you will get a profile in our "Members Directory". Here you can search for businesses in industries and regions all throughout NZ. We supply all the tools for you to add deals, testimonials, job listings and more to your profile.


Use our tools to create and submit deals for your services which can be redeemed by SBNZ members and the general public. Promote yourself to businesses and customers with the SBNZ Marketplace.

As part of our membership, businesses can apply to become SBNZ Expert Providers.

Small Business New Zealand Expert Providers are business owners with proven industry experience and knowledge, and have track record of raving customer reviews that prove their position as experts in their field.

SBNZ members who meet the below criteria can apply to become Expert Providers. Once approved as an expert provider, your business will be listed on our verified experts page in our member-only section and have priority placement within our public member directory.

Small Business New Zealand members can access the expertise of our proven and rated B2B expert providers and receive a 5-10% discount on all services.

To become an SBNZ Expert Provider, you must:

  • Have outstanding customer reviews
    • A minimum of 10 genuine 4 star or higher reviews on social media (Google, Facebook etc)
  • Be a registered NZ business with at least 3 years of business experience
  • Be an existing SBNZ member
    • Active within our community, contributing valuable resources and content

You can apply within the SBNZ Dashboard (coming soon)

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