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Unlock Digital Success: Actionable Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Digital marketing covers a wide range of activities and channels, and it’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to increasing your online presence, especially when new trends and channels are popping up more regularly than ever before....

June 6, 2024

3 Benefits of Blogging for Marketing Your Business

In today’s competitive marketplace, having a strong online presence is crucial for business success, and blogs are a powerful tool for achieving this. But why is blogging essential, and how can it benefit your business as part of a digital marketing strategy?Google focuses on delivering users the most relevant, accurate, and high-quality information. When ranking websites, they also favour well-written, long-form content, which is why blogs are an effective marketing channel. Addressing what u...

June 4, 2024

Business Success & People Success - Leanne Holdsworth

Leanne Holdsworth is the co-author of the book launched last week, Human Work: Five Leadership Mindsets for Humanising Workplaces (for more read here - and is a presenter, together with Cultivating Leadership colleagues Naryan Wong, Jim Wicks and Diana Manks at the free SBNZ webinar 10 May. To register, head here:

May 3, 2023

Ten Ways to Improve Staff Retention

Losing valuable employees can be costly and time-consuming. Here are 10 proven strategies for staff retention in small businesses:...

April 12, 2023

[Members Offer] Receive a tailored business assessment

If you are looking to:sell your business in the futureset up proper operating foundations to make the business run smoothly and more profitablygrow your business and take it to the next levelConsider a personally tailored Business Assessment today. One of SBNZ’s Key Sponsors, BSP Advisory Group, offers one of the most comprehensive business assessments available. As an SBNZ member you automatically receive a 50% discount, just mention you are a member on application and the discount will apply...

February 16, 2023

Expert Provider Showcase: The Dream Factory

The Dream Factory creates websites that have an active focus towards design, visibility on Google Search and, ultimately, creating something that shows the world what makes a business or organisation awesome.“Versatility is at the heart of our work”, says The Dream Factory founder Izaak Wicks. “I think a good website should have quality design, good online presence, the ability to convert in a digital marketing environment and also have strong technology behind it - a quality engine under ...

February 15, 2023

Marketing: Your Brand is About More Than Just Good Looks!

A brand is more than just your company’s name or logo. It’s more than just a particular type of product you offer such as Q-tips brand of cotton swabs. It’s more than just the look of the packaging of your product. In a nutshell your ”Brand” is the culmination of everything your prospect’s 5 senses can pick up on about you....

February 10, 2023

Will your business Thrive & Survive in 2023? Here's some tips for the new year.

With high inflation, high interest rates and increasing wages, all signs point to 2023 being a year in recession. That said, sound preparation and strategies can do a lot to help offset the effects of any economic downturn. What should you be doing in your business right now to put your business in the strongest position possible to manage a recession? Several business experts from the team at BSP Advisory Group have provided us with their advice below:...

November 28, 2022

Small Business New Zealand on NBR

Adviser Philip Wicks has created Small Business NZ aimed mainly at companies generating under $5m in sales a year....

September 27, 2022

Six Keys to Creating an Awesome SME Business

Fun fact! 97% of all businesses in New Zealand are small businesses (NZ Stats 2021). Running a small business is part of our nation’s DNA Have you ever thought of starting a business? Here is a list of fundamentals you need to create an epic Kiwi business that you and your customers will love:...

July 29, 2022

8 BIG Small Business Mistakes

Here’s an interesting notion: Do you realise you can make mistakes at various stages of your business’ growth that can slowly harm it for months or even years if you don’t watch for them? These mistakes are not only made by first-timers running businesses but are often made by those you might think are “successful” because they’ve been around for 10+ years. They're also not limited to service-based companies but are evident across all industries. Below is a list of eight examples to...

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